Pyatigorsk is Hévíz’s twin town, to where Papp Gábor was invited to the town’s birthday celebration. An own stall was given to the town of County Zala in the event. The mayor also negotiated with tour operators and church leaders. He went on with his program in Moscow, where tourism and future flights were the subjects of professional meetings.   


- I met Hungarian Consul Jakab András and Ambassador Ijgyártó István, we talked about the touristic prospects of Hévíz – said the Mayor of the spa town. – I was at the Hungarian Cultural Centre in Moscow, where we agreed to continuously send each other the programs, which we mutually could join in.  In the Federal Office of Tourism I carried on promising negotiations with the director of Russian Tour Operators’ Association.  They united the largest companies with state subsidization and they could provide significant assistance in launching flights. During the meeting I heard an interesting opinion from Lomidze Maya managing director. She said that they didn’t have a real image about the touristic offer of Hungary and so of Hévíz. There was still a stereotyped “goulash-Hortobágy” picture about our country. This could be changed by Hévíz. The Russian middle and upper classes were interested in our country and they wanted to travel to Hungary. In favour of the advancement – with the representatives of the larger tour operators – a delegation will arrive in Hévíz this year. They will get varied information about the town and its surroundings.

Papp Gábor thinks that it is also important because launching new flights and charters do not depend on the airlines, but on the organizers. If the cooperation is established and the coordination works mutually, the practise will conform too. The arrival of the Russian tourists would be considered as a boom in Hévíz: for the hotels, owners of private accommodation and service providers. And of course even for the operation of the airport.   


Hévíz-Balaton Airport accomplishes its business plan properly, in which the Scandinavian destination was included as a new area. If the Russian flights and charters start, it will be a big plus compared to the plan. We hope that we can move forward not only in tourism but also in the logistic market. There is a big interest we need to take advantage of the opportunities. We have made the first steps and have confidence in a productive pursuance.