In the preparation phase of the project, which successfully completed in the fall 2010, the preparation for the pollution’s damage repair at the former soviet military airport was realized and the relevant laws, as well as the necessary plans and documents defined by the tender structure were finished.

The two owner local governments established the Sármellék-Zalavár Airport Damage Repairing Association for the realization of the damage repair construction work in March 2010. As the first step of the Sármellék-Zalavár former military airport damage repair work’s executional phase, the association presented the second round tender documents regarding the executional phase on 1st October 2010


By the submitted application the Association received 100 % subvention and gross HUF 437,440,075 for the completion of the airport’s damage repair work. The Support Agreement was signed on 6th June 2011. At the same time the selection of the organizations involved in the construction – according to the public procurement act – started. On 3rd October 2011 the execution of the damage repair commenced.   

The closing date of the damage repair project is 30th June 2015, until this time the territory of the airport has to be cleaned to the extent that the risk generated by the pollution should be reduced to an acceptable level. The damage repair was planned in the way not to affect the population’s peace and life and the operation of the civilian airport at all. By the damage repair the area’s touristic prestige can increase and even the value of the properties can go up. Therefore such a project could start, in which there are no losers and other sides.