- HUF 50 million was set aside by the town council for the accidental flight-related tasks early in the year. Since the airport operated, there hasn’t been a year, when the local government would not have provided funds to secure safe operations. When we founded the limited company, we did it with a registered capital of HUF 0.5 million, but not much later the town council decided to transfer the earlier set aside money, HUF 50 million to the budget of the company – said Mayor Papp Gábor.

- Another change that has meanwhile happened, Vice Mayor Könnyid László, who was previously responsible for tourism, was appointed to Vice Mayor responsible for the development of air transport, because it soon became clear that to manage the airport properly and economically and to be able to constantly keep in touch with the participants of tourism in the affairs of the airport, full attention and hard work are needed.   


- The German charter flights arrived in Sármellék according to the plans, 86 from 100 passengers came to Hévíz, so it was clear to us, that Hévíz had to take an active part in the operation of the airport – said Könnyid László. The objectives defined in the business plan are being realized because of the continuous arrival of the flights. The over-fulfilment is due to the last few months’ significant number of plus flights, what of course we have felt.  Most recently for example private and small planes arrived because of the Balaton Sound festival, what meant additional income to us.  But we can get plus funds by the advertisements and banners located in the terminal or by contracting taxi service providers; nobody has really paid attention to these so far.   

Mayor Papp Gábor said: the highlighted task and aim of this flying season were the application of the state funds beside the subsidy of the local government. This task was also successfully fulfilled, because the state took an economical part in the Hévíz-Balaton Airport.  On the other hand, the state expects us as far as possible to continuously involve the surrounding local governments and the organizations interested in tourism in the support of the operation, and to clear the air in point of the ownership, the equipment and the operation. To these latter the state also provides support, but in the case of the former, it will be the responsibility of Hévíz’s local government in 2013 to start negotiations with the local governments of the area and to define the support tasks.    

- At the same time serious discussions were taking place in point of expanding services in Scandinavian and Russian destinations – said Könnyid László. Because of the production period of launching a new flight lasts for 10-12 months, the results of these negotiations will be realized next year.

- The local government also aimed to involve investors – pointed out Papp Gábor. There is a big interest in the airport and in the utilization of the surrounding areas, but as long as the above mentioned proprietary, operational and equipment entry issues are not resolved the negotiations are harder, too. Hévíz granted the state aid also in this case, but 1.5-2 months are needed to clear up the questions. If less player are in the airport-case, we will be able to clear the air, new perspectives will be open not only regarding Hévíz, but also the towns of the county and Transdanubia, because Hévíz-Balaton Airport is on the right road to become a regional airport actually, not only in its name.