According to the data of the Central Statistical Office 990,980 room nights were spent in the town in 2011. Hévíz made one-third more room nights than the follow-up Hajdúszoboszló. The result is particularly significant, because the number of room nights decreased in many touristic regions last year. However, it increased by more than 6% in Hévíz and the occupancy of the hotels is above the national average.  

The press release quotes Horváth Orsolya, the managing director of the Touristic Nonprofit Ltd. of Hévíz, who pointed out that 49 % of the visitors of Hévíz come from abroad and one-fourth of the entire clientele still arrive from the German speaking areas. The Slovak, Czech, Italian, French, Russian or even the Chinese visitors represent a more and more significant proportion.   

Papp Gábor, the mayor of the town, believes that the unique characteristics of the town can be an excellent base.

The local government always considered the town marketing important. The local tourism association and the tourism concerned service providers have been of assistance to the local government in this case for years. Hévíz-Balaton Airport in Sármellék was expected to receive more and more flights, the negotiations were still going on and hopefully the number of locations, from where the town can be reached, would further increase – said the Mayor.